8 Best AI Stock Trading Bots 2023

Do you struggle to find profitable trade opportunities or don’t know the right strategies to use? Stock trading can feel complicated – you need to recognize chart patterns and indicators while juggling the emotional aspects of making trading decisions.

It’s no wonder why over 80% of traders fail and quit when they don’t have the right tools to help.

image showing how 99 percent of traders don't profit after 5 years

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Trying to keep tabs on stock prices around the clock is a full-time venture. Even the most experienced traders need help. Fortunately, AI trading bots not only automate trades but also use machine learning to recommend the best trades for you. 

But which tools are actually worth their salt? 

In this post, we’ll review the top AI trading bots on the market, so you can make smarter trades and never miss out on profitable opportunities

Best AI Stock Trading Bots

  1. Trade Ideas – Best for Active Traders
  2. TrendSpider – Best for Traders Specializing in Technical Analysis
  3. Signal Stack – Best for Busy Traders
  4. StockHero – Best for Risk Averse Traders
  5. Tickeron – Best for Community Support
  6. StockstoTrade – Best for Live News Updates
  7. Kavout – Best for Fundamental Analysis
  8. BlackBoxStocks – Best for Options Trading

What is an AI Stock Trading Bot? 

An AI stock trading bot scans market opportunities and automatically executes trades.

Unlike a standard trading system, it does more than just follow predetermined rules. AI technology has the ability to learn from data and adapt its trading strategies based on changing market conditions. 

To make trading decisions, It pools vast amounts of data from:

  • Historical prices
  • Future predictions
  • News

AI Trading vs. Traditional Algorithms

The problem with traditional algorithmic trading systems is that they can’t learn on their own. 

You need to create if/then rules, which it uses to govern the trading process. AI trading employs machine learning to adjust its strategies to ongoing market changes. It’ll learn from what’s happening in the marketing and handle all transactions on its own.

One of the biggest draws of using an AI trading bot is that it removes the emotion of trading (which is one of the main reasons why most traders fail).

Trading with traditional algorithmic systems requires you to constantly adjust the rules based on the current market conditions –  which brings in emotions that lead to poor decisions.

The Must-Have Features of an AI Trading Bot

There are a variety of features an AI trading bot can be equipped with. Some are super-useful, while some are redundant or handy in very specific situations you may never encounter. 

With that said, here is our list of the most essential features every AI trading bot should have.

(we’ve ensured each of the AI trading bots on the list contains them!)

  • Market Analysis – Scanners let you search the market based on predetermined criteria. 
  • Backtesting 0 The bot lets you test your trading strategies to see how they would’ve performed in the past. 
  • Signal Generation – Based on market data, it’ll generate trading signals to indicate potential buy or sell opportunities. 
  • Order Execution – The system automatically places an order with the broker. 
  • Machine learning – AI bots can identify market patterns and adjust your trading rules or strategies accordingly. 
  • AI charting tools – Some bots are trained to recognize candlestick patterns, letting you visually see trade opportunities. 

8 Best AI Stock Trading Bots 

Now that you know a little bit about AI stock trading bots, one question remains – what platforms should you use? 

We’ve put together our list of the top AI stock trading bots to consider: 

1. Trade Ideas – Best for Active Traders 

Trade Ideas Website


Trade Ideas is a stock market software that provides artificial intelligence analysis, real-time trade alerts, and other advanced features for traders. This platform offers tons of built-in scans that find unique trading opportunities

It’s also versatile enough for users to develop their own scanning strategies without coding. By scanning strategies, we mean specific searches to find potential trades. For instance, each strategy may focus on different factors like volume, price movement, or other indicators.

As a user, you’ll get to view which stocks are surging up or down in real time, and it’ll suggest which stocks to short, buy, or exit. 


  • Artificial Technology: Their AI technology scans through fundamental, technical, and social data to provide trade ideas. It only gives you strategies with a success rate of 60% or higher. 
  • Backtesting Oddsmaker: Users get unlimited backtesting. This means you can backtest strategies allowing you to assess how your strategies would’ve worked in different market conditions and make adjustments before actually using them for real-time trading. 
  • Charts: A visual tool to help you confirm entries and exits without leaving the Trade Ideas platform. You can draw arrows, lines or make notes in various time frames. 
  • Live Room: A trading community where investors chat with experts from the Trade Ideas team to discuss trading strategies and the stock market. 

Who Is It For: 

Trade Ideas is perfect for active traders who want to stay active in the market but don’t have the time to conduct their due diligence, whether it’s because of lack of time or knowledge.


They offer two paid memberships, starting at $118 a month.

Trade Ideas Pricing Page

Bottom Line: 

Trade Ideas is a comprehensive trading platform offering a vast range of features and resources for active traders. However, it may not be suitable for beginners since they may have more complex learning curves than other platforms. 

They offer educational materials like tutoring and webinars to help you get caught up to speed.

2. TrendSpider – Best for Traders Specializing in Technical Analysis 

Trend Spider Website


TrendSpider is a technical analysis software designed for chartists. It’s built with an-encompassing toolkit to help traders make faster, smarter, and more strategic trading decisions

Their software revolves around helping traders with three main bottlenecks: 

  1. Create, test, and refine trading strategies. This is where you backtest your strategy to see how it would play out. 
  2. Find and analyze trading opportunities. Mix and match different criteria to find the perfect trades. 
  3. Time trades and captures profits. Set the bot to place your trades precisely. 

If you have ever faced any of these bottlenecks and want to eliminate them, this is the platform for you.


  • Technical Charting – Customize the chart from line, candlestick, raindrop, and Heikin-Ashi charts to better spot trends and patterns. 
  • Automated Technical Analysis – Their AI technology can automatically draw trendlines and Fibonacci replacements for you to show price movements.
  • Strategy Backtesting – Split-test strategies by seeing how your trading strategies would’ve performed against historical price data. 
  • Market Scanner – TrendSpider includes over 50 ready-made searches called “screens.” These screens look for stocks that meet specific technical criteria. 
  • Multi-Timeframe Analysis – The platform lets you compare multiple timeframes in one window. Thus, you can see short and long-term trends, helping you understand the bigger picture. 

Who Is It For: 

TrendSpider is a platform made for professional and experienced stock traders, since you’ll need to be well-versed in reading candlestick charts. 


They offer three paid memberships, starting at $39 a month. You can also hop on their FREE 7-day trial to see whether it’s the right fit.

Trend Spider Pricing

Bottom Line: 

TrendSpider is a powerful and flexible technical charting platform with AI capabilities. It gives users full control over your indicators, charting windows, and alerts – making it easy to stay on top of breakdowns and breakouts. 

3. Signal Stack – Best for Busy Traders 

Signal Stack Website


SignalStack is an automated trading tool allowing investors to trigger trades directly from their brokerage accounts based on the alerts generated from this platform. Like other tools, it’s a data-crunching software that’s always on the lookout for a wide range of trade ideas and potential pitfalls in the stock market.


  • Brokerage Compatibility. Directly integrate your SignalStack account to technical analytics tools like TrendSpider or Trading View. Once you’ve done your due diligence, connect it to your brokerage accounts, such as ETrade, Ameritrade, and others, to execute trades automatically. 
  • Automate Trade Execution. Traders receive alerts that automatically trigger live orders, taking advantage of market opportunities in real time. 
  • Customized Alerts. Users can set up alerts with specific conditions such as chart patterns, price thresholds, etc. 

Who Is It For: 

SignalStack is for novices who need help executing trades, but also busy traders who don’t have time to perform cart graphs and spot trends.

In essence, Signalstack does all the heavy lifting for you!


They have a tiered pricing based on cost per signal – starting at 50 signals for $74.50. You also get the first 25 signals for FREE.

Signal Stack Pricing

Bottom Line: 

SignalStack is a software that solves a big problem in the trading world. It helps you execute trades, ensuring you never miss out on time-sensitive opportunities. 

It connects with all your trading tools so that you can research and execute trades without fail. 

That said, it can get pricey since it charges by the signal. Each signal refers to an alert indicating when certain criteria have been met, prompting a trade to occur. Essentially, you’re paying a small fee for every automated trade made.

4. StockHero – Best for Risk Averse Traders  

Stockhero Website


StockHero is a trading bot that offers a wide range of features to help users create profitable trading strategies. They offer a very clean user interface and even have a mobile-app version allowing you to access trading accounts from your phone. 

The platform is cloud-based, so you don’t need to install the software. 

Are you new and don’t know a trading strategy? StockHero offers a Bots Marketplace where you can take the exact trading strategies from high-performing bots


  • Bots Marketplace. Access pre-set bots or lease your high-performing bots to others. 
  • Unlimited Backtesting. Test your strategies extensively until you’re satisfied. 
  • AI Trading Automation. It can analyze market data and execute the exact trading strategies. This includes long and short positions, dollar cost averaging, grid strategies, scalping, and more. 
  • Paper Exchange. Test your bots using simulated market data without real capital. 

Who Is It For: 

StockHero is for risk-averse traders who want lots of backtesting before executing trades. It can be also useful for novice traders who want to model their trading strategies from already-successful bots.


There are three paid plans, starting at $4.99 per month. You can also hop on their FREE 14-day trial and play with a tool – on every plan.

Stockhero Pricing

Bottom Line: 

StockHero is unique from other tools because of its diverse features that help reduce risk. 

Their portfolio optimization features help you optimize your portfolio by recommending the best allocation of assets based on your risk tolerance, market conditions, and investment goals. It’ll even identify risks and suggest ways to mitigate them. 

If you have a low-risk tolerance or are skeptical about AI trading bots, they offer tools to provide peace of mind knowing your trades fit your goals. 

5. Tickeron – Best for Community Support

Tickeron Website


Tickeron is a trading platform that leverages artificial intelligence to provide traders with market analysis and trading signals across various financial markets, including:

  • Stocks
  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrencies

Like other AI bots, they cover just about all facets of short-term trading. 

You get AI chart analysis, trade signals, pattern recognition, and back-tested performance. This helps traders find profitable opportunities and test their strategies against historical data. 

While most other trading bots rely solely on algorithms and automation, Tickeron incorporates the expertise of human traders and analysts. The community provides its own input on assets, giving you additional insights and more reliable trading signals. 


  • Trade Prediction & Pattern Search Engine. Tickeron’s AI-powered pattern recognition finds over 40 different stock chart patterns and gives confidence scores to their trade predictions based on historical stock data, market direction, and pattern success. 
  • Portfolio Wizard Organizer. Tickeron helps you create a portfolio based on AI-based stock selection. 
  • AI Scanning and Screening. Traders can scan for high-probability trading opportunities based on market capitalization, industry, and sector. 
  • Chart Analysis. Their AI robot generates mapped patterns and predicted directions, helping traders with technical analysis. 

Who Is It For: 

Tickeron is great for retail traders with limited experience since the AI trade signals and pattern recognition will help simplify trading decisions and reduce the learning curve. 

However, It’s for advanced traders too, especially for those who can validate technical patterns and compare AI predictions and community forecasts to their own strategies. 


 They offer five plans with a Beginner Plan for FREE. 

Tickeron Pricing

Bottom Line: 

Tickeron doesn’t just claim to be the best AI tool in the market. They provide users with confidence scores to trade predictions. They also compare their AI predictions with community sentiment to see whether they align. 

While it can make predictions for you, traders may find it helpful to get insight from AI data. If confidence scores are low, traders can always perform manual trades instead.

6. Stocks to Trade – Best for Live News Updates 

Stocks to Trade Website


StockstoTrade is a trading platform that empowers traders to make smarter investment choices. It leverages AI-powered features like scanners, charts, and screeners to help new traders hit the ground running. 

Investors who don’t rely solely on technical analysis must gather intel from the market sentiment. 

The best way is to get live updates from news outlets. Corporate announcements, geopolitical events, and economic indicators can quickly sway the market. StockstoTrade is one of the few platforms that lets users filter news from top sites like MSN Money, Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo for trade ideas and analysis. 

The platform also taps into social media feeds for breaking trade information.


  • Live News and Twitter Updates. Get your source of daily breaking news directly from the platform. Filter online by keywords, stocks, or time frames to find what you’re looking for. 
  • AI Scanners. Use predefined scans and screens to find profitable trades. 
  • Oracle. A proprietary algorithm that searches the stock market for stocks ready to take off. It runs 24/7 and scans past winning stocks to locate current ones showing similar signs of growth. 
  • Charts. The charting tool is highly customizable, offering candlestick, line, and bar charts. Traders can adjust the time frames to monitor emerging stocks. 
  • Paper Trading. New traders can practice trading with fake money to test and hone their trading skills. 

Who Is It For: 

StockstoTrade is for day traders since it offers technical charting tools for fast decision-making. It can also be useful for short-term swing traders because staying updated on current events can impact their positions. 


Their monthly plan starts at $179.95. However, you can hop on their 14-day trial for $7. 

Stocks to trade Pricing

Bottom Line: 

The StocksToTrade platform offers power scanning tools that help traders find profitable ideas in minutes. It’s particularly valuable for new traders who want training material, paper trading, and scanners to help simplify the process.

7. Kavout – Best for Fundamental Analysis

Kavout Website


Kavout is an AI-driven software designed for traders at all levels. The idea is to remove emotions from the equation. 

It pools together a gazillion data points to help provide trade signals. And the best part is that the AI machine factors in current events and news to help consolidate your fundamental analysis strategy.  Out of all the trading bots we’ve reviewed thus far, this has one of the best layouts. It’s easy to navigate, even if you’re new to trading. 


  • Multi-factor Screener. Explore new ideas based on factors like return, volatility, etc. 
  • Market News. Stay up to date with what’s happening with the company and the industry. 
  • Portfolio Builder. AI-driven platform that helps users construct customized stock portfolios and gives you metrics on how they might perform. 
  • Predictive Equity Rating. Kavout assigns a derived equity rating score between 0 and 9 to help traders assess the potential value of a particular stock.

Who Is It For: 

Kavout is for investors who factor in fundamental analysis such as earnings reports, breaking news, etc. However, it can also be useful for novice traders who want educational resources and AI scanning capabilities for trade ideas. 


 You have to contact their team for pricing information (read: pricey).

Kavout Contact Us Banner

Bottom Line: 

The Kavout trading bot doesn’t just solely rely on charts. They also take into account news, financial statements, industry trends, and economic indicators. 

Let’s say you’re unsure whether a stock is worth investing in. Their predictive equity score can give you a vote of confidence by rating it between 0 and 9. The higher the score, the more likely it performs well. 

8. BlackBoxStocks – Best for Options Trading  

Blackbox Stocks Website


BlackBoxStocks is a stock and options trading bot that provides real-time trade alerts and scanning functionalities. The software combines advanced artificial intelligence with predictive technology to uncover unusual trading behavior and market movements

There’s also a community app that allows users to discuss strategies and exchange ideas.


  • Community Chat: Engage with a trading community, interact with team traders, and share trading ideas and strategies.
  • News Feed: Access a real-time, multi-source news feed with a filter option to find what you need. 
  • Stock and Options Screener: Customizable filters for personalized scan results and monitors over 13,000 stocks and options. 
  • Institutional-grade Charting System: It features many drawing tools to help you easily spot breakouts and breakdowns. 
  • Trade Signal Alerts: Receive real-time alerts for trade signals based on top gainers, pre-market activity, price spikes, volume activity, and more. 

Who Is It For: 

BlackBoxStocks is for options traders who enjoy interacting with other members and want to share/get insights through their community features.  


You can get full access for $99.97 per month. 

Blackbox Stocks Website

Bottom Line: 

Unlike other bots, the BlackBoxStocks tailor their services to both stock and options traders. Their scanner analyzes hundreds of thousands of options contracts, giving you profitable opportunities. Their signals and tracking systems help you follow the “smart money” and make informed decisions on how institutions are positioning themselves. 

Why theta bandits Beat AI Trading Bots 

AI stock trading bots have taken the world by storm. They can analyze data at lightning speed and execute trades precisely, letting you stock trade on autopilot. 

Unfortunately, AI trading bots still can’t replicate certain aspects of the human touch. 

They rely on algorithms and historical data, while human traders can adapt to real-time changes. AI bots will likely miss context or react to anomalies in ways humans wouldn’t. That’s why you don’t want to rely 100% only on bots and AI. 

Instead, we recommend a combination of community learning and AI-assisted tools similar to what we do here at Theta Bandits. We offer live trading rooms where you can actively watch and participate along with leading industry experts. You even get one-on-one mentorship, so you learn and apply the principles needed to succeed

Over time, you’ll start to skillfully use the same trading strategies and philosophies of the trading pros! 

You’ll receive trading alerts from market professionals straight to your smartphone. That way, you can execute the trade on the spot. 

If you’re ready to take trading seriously, join us at Theta Bandits today! 

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and educational purposes only, not investment advice. We recommend researching and consulting with a financial advisor before making investment decisions. All actions based on this information are at your own risk.

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